Gaming Machines

Electronic Casino Gaming Machines

In the world of casino games, the majority of games can be split into two categories, namely classic casino games and slots or electronic gaming machines. Slot machines are certainly the most popular type of game in any land based casino. As opposed to classic card and table games, slots are easy to play, offer a large payout and are thoroughly entertaining. Anyone can walk over to a slot machine, click on the button and win big at any time. As a result, many casinos and entertainment centres only stock slot machines, poker machines, and other electronic casino game machines. This makes it easier to run and still brings in huge profits for the casino.

Classic Slot Machines

There are many types of electronic gaming machines that can be found in casinos online in New Zealand. Slot machines generally make up the bulk of the electronic games. Under the slot section, there are also a number of different categories. Most casinos will offer a section of classic slot games. These are generally referred to classic slots or Vegas-style slots. These machines usually have 3 reels and a small number of paylines up to a maximum of 10. The machines themselves do not have a theme as such and often use the classic bar and fruit symbols on the reels.

Progressive Slot Machines


In addition to classic slots, many casinos also offer a selection of gaming machines called progressive slots. These are slot machines that are linked to a progressive slot network within the casino and with all the casinos under one group. Because all the machines are linked, the slot jackpot on a progressive machine is much higher than on a standard slot machine. The progressive slots also offer the standard jackpot payout with the much higher progressive jackpot as a second payout.

Video Slot Machines

Today the most popular type of slot game in the gaming machines section is the video slot machine. Video slots combine high-end video technology with standard slot games to produce a fully interactive slot game that offers outstanding graphics, animation and sound. Video slots are often themed and incorporate the theme throughout the game. They also offer a higher number of win lines sometimes as high as 1000 paylines in one game. Video slots also incorporate a number of bonus features including wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and bonus rounds.

Video Poker and Electronic Casino Games

Under the section of electronic gaming machines, many land based casinos also offer a range of electronic casino games that do not include slots. Of these, the most popular would be video poker. With video poker, players can play a classic game of 5 card draw without having to wait for an open poker table. In the more modern land based casinos, players will also find electronic roulette games. These are fully electronic machines that accommodate up to 6 people around the machine. The game is played in exactly the same way as standard roulette, except the game is fully electronic and controlled by the computer. Other electronic games include electronic bingo machines as well as electronic keno machines.