Teen Patti

About Teen Patti

When thinking of popular casino games, most would name games that originated in the famous Las Vegas. This isn’t always the case, however, as a number of unique and interesting games have originated from all over the world. One such example is Teen Patti, a card game that found its origin in the subcontinent of India. The name of the game means Three Cards, and is often referred to as Flush. Teen Patti is extremely popular in the southern regions of Asia.

Teen Patti is essentially a form of poker, albeit simplified in some respects. The game can be played by any number of people, but is recommended for between four and seven players.

How Teen Patti Works

Before any new game of Teen Patti can begin, all those playing need to agree on a minimum stake, With a minimum stake agreed upon, all players will then add their stake to the pot, which is the collection of money the winner gets to take home with them. Once all the players have laid their stake, the dealer then lays down one card at a time per player, until all players have three cards each. From there, players can either choose to looked at their cards, known as playing seen, or to play blind, which is leaving the cards facing down. The player’s bet on who they believe has the best hand.


Teen Patti Betting

Betting in Teen Patti starts at the player who is left of the dealer, and continues around the table in a clockwise fashion as many times as is needed. Players wishing to carry on playing have to add more to the pot, while those wanting to pull out are able to fold, sacrificing their stake and leaving the game entirely. Playing seen or blind makes a difference to the amount that is bed, with players that have seen their cards required to double however much the blind players have added to the pot. Blind players wishing to continue playing are required to add at least the current amount to the stake, but never more than double. Blind players can choose to look at their cards whenever a betting is made, but then become seen players, and will need to double their bet whenever they make a new wager.

Betting will continue until either there is at least one player left, or there are two players left, in which case one of the players can request that all cards be shown. Whoever has the better hand of these two is declared the winner, and gets to take the pot.

Teen Patti Card Hands

While the general value of the cards in a deck is similar to that of poker, Teen Patti has some hands that are unique. Some of these include the trio, the straight rum, the normal run, colour, high card, and a pair. Each one of these cards has a different accumulated value, and are the only cards players get to use for every game.

Teen Patti Verdict

While similar to poker in many ways, Teen Patti brings something new to the card genre. Fans of poker will find a great deal of entertainment and suspense while playing Teen Patti.